Enterprise Networks

Here at IT-Ideaz Consulting, we understand the need for businesses to communicate with other parties faster than the competition. In a world where each microsecond can make a difference, it is only right that organizations are prepared to handle all communication challenges efficiently.

To do this, we provide assistance of network experts that study the current network infrastructure, identify loopholes and suggest useful improvements. Our network experts are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the region. Together, they have worked on large-scale IT projects and have enabled huge corporations to communicate at the speed of need.


How do we ensure our network consultants recommend only what is best for our clients? We bring on board enterprise-class partners that hold repute for their network solutions across the globe. We work on technologies from the likes of Oracle, F5 Networks, Huawei Technologies, Cisco and many others to guarantee our clients a win-win situation.

Network Services' responsibilities include the management of the local UTK network (both wired and wireless), a range of wide area connections, and Internet/Internet2 connectivity. In addition, the group manages various security devices such as firewalls, VPN (Virtual Private Network) access devices, IPS devices (Intrusion Prevention Systems).

The effective and efficient security is a common problem found in most large business, scientific, engineering and military organizations. This invariably requires development of security systems to control physical access and process and retrieve information effectively and efficiently.

The biggest resource of the Information Age is not money or raw materials. It is qualified, experienced and knowledgeable people. The primary contribution of modern business is not just a stack of products on shelves it is service. That is what IT-Ideaz Consulting means to you: the best people in the business at your service!




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